Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

YouTube Icon for Video BlogFor more than 25 years, telecoms and cell tower companies have had experts working on their side to facilitate the best possible cell tower lease terms for their companies.  Property Owners, or cell tower landlords, have not had these same luxuries until recently.  Before, the owners would negotiate with these companies themselves or have general attorneys handle the negotiations.  These methods would often result in terms that were not monetarily beneficial for the property owners and would even negatively impact the landowners’ use of their own land.

Now, landowners have access to information, more so than ever before.  With this, they are posing questions to their cell tower tenants which are the telecom companies and tower developers.  While these cell tower tenants won’t provide you answers, some WILL tell you that you had the opportunity to gain representation, but you didn’t, as if they are asserting that nothing can be done at this point.

Even if you are in the middle of your lease, you have options to increase the value of it by having experts like Vertical Consultants review your cell tower lease for free.  Our mission is to level the playing field between property owners and the telecom giants.  Get the experts at Vertical Consultants on your side and get what you deserve in your lease; if not, you could be losing thousands of dollars.