T-Mobile and American Tower recently came to terms on a new 15-year master lease agreement. The agreement signals a period of aggressive expansion is on the horizon for T-Mobile. They will look to increase their nationwide 5G network through American Tower’s infrastructure throughout cities, towns, and rural America.

What Does This Mean for Cell Tower Lease Holders?

If you have a tower operated by American Tower on your property, you may receive a notice about adding equipment to your tower or modifying existing equipment. Be sure to consult with one of our experts before you allow changes on your property.

The vast majority of cell tower leases are underpaid already — and this could be an opportunity for you to get more rent and improve your terms.

What Does This Mean for Land Owners?

Landowners can expect tower companies to continue to expand their tower infrastructure for 5G and this deal with T-Mobile will increase the urgency for American Tower.

If you are contact about allowing a tower on your property, get the facts before you sign anything. We offer a free consultation and lease review. Our clients average a 312% immediate increase in rent because we know the tricks they try to pull to get you to accept a bad deal.

To take advantage of our free lease review offer, call 877-456-7552 today.