Vertical ConsultantsSprint is expected to deploy over 70,000 small cell sites in the near future. Once Sprint gives the go-ahead to begin the rollout, things could move very quickly. This is just the latest example of how small cell demand continues to grow for telecommunications companies. At Vertical Consultants we work tirelessly to keep our readers up to date on the latest trends in the industry and what the latest news means for landowners.

Small cells (also referred to as smart cell, micro-cell or picocell) are base stations that are much smaller than cellular tower antenna structures. They can be connected to the side of a building or affixed onto a light pole. They are designed to serve a small dense area, like a train station or a sports arena. While your cell tower can pick up signals 15+ miles away, smart cells have a network that reaches around 300 yards, so they work if a telecommunications company wants to cover one block or one building. It is important for owners of cell towers to understand that small cells are not a replacement for traditional cellular towers. Rather, small cells and cell phone towers work together to provide better wireless coverage as a whole than can be obtained independently.

Once Sprint begins its small cell rollout, thousands of landowners will be approached with requests to lease property rights, which include allowing Sprint to install small cells on the landowner’s property or structure. Just as with entering into a lease for a cell tower, there are many variables that landowners should consider before signing one of these leases. These variables include not only rent, but also the term of the agreement, property access rights, rent escalation and many more.

At Vertical Consultants, we have helped many clients with their small cell lease negotiations, and we can assist you too! Sprint will enlist the help of leasing experts who have been trained in techniques to coerce you into signing a unfavorable agreement. Shouldn’t you have an expert on your side as well? If you are contacted about entering into a lease for small cell equipment, or any other form of cellular equipment, call us today for a free consultation and to find out what we can do for you!

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