Cell Tower Lease ExpertsCell Tower Companies and telecom companies have a vested interest in securing access to your cell tower site located on your property.  In order to secure this access, these companies would need to be granted a long term easement that would allow them to enter your property when they deemed is necessary.

When you are approached to enter into a long term easement, there are some things you must consider:  first- liability.  Ensuring you are protected from anything unforeseen occurring with those entering your property is imperative.  Second, development of your land-an easement that cuts through part of your property can be detrimental to the future development of your land.  Third, selling your property- potential buyers may not consider purchasing your land if they are, by default, entering into a long term easement.

These are just a few examples of what you should consider before you sign a long term easement agreement.  Make sure you are receiving top value for not only the use of your land, but the access to it as well. With proven results, Vertical Consultants can help you achieve the most value for the use of your property.