Cell Tower on Farm

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many entities have been suffering financially, from businesses, religious/non-profit organizations, municipalities to individuals.

In the last few months, property owners who currently hold cell tower leases, and the rents being paid from those agreements, have seen an influx of calls, emails and even knocks on the door from companies looking to purchase their cell tower lease.

The sale of a cell tower lease may be one solution for some during these tough times. If an individual, business, church or a city/town holds a cell tower lease, they may be able to sell that lease for immediate funds. The disposition of this asset could mean an immediate few hundred thousand to millions of dollars in the bank for a property owner. However, how does a property not only determine what the “true value” of his cell tower lease may be, but also what could be the negative impacts to him and his property both in the short and long-term?

A property owner needs to make sure they are not leaving any money on the table. How do you do this? The answer is by not focusing on what you have been offered, rather on understanding exactly what you are offering the company that is looking to purchase your cell tower lease.

Simply stated, if a company offers you $5.00 to buy your cell tower lease but is getting $10.00 worth of value in return, sure, you now have $5.00 in your pocket, but who truly got the better end of that deal?
Furthermore, property owners need to ensure that they are not only getting an adequate buyout amount, but they also want to make sure their future development, disposition or even financing of their property would not be negatively impacted by the terms of a cell tower lease buyout transaction. Remember, a company looking to buy your cell tower lease is actually “selling you” on the deal, and they want you to focus on the money they are offering and not the terms of the deal you are actually agreeing to not only now, but for decades into the future

If a property owner agrees to a buyout offer without expert guidance, they are not only taking risks with their today, but also their “tomorrows”.

If you are considering selling your lease, give us a call today to discuss how we can assist you in getting the best protection for your land and determining the true value for your cell tower lease.
Remember, the cell tower lease buyout companies have experts on their side, shouldn’t you?