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Wireless carriers are always looking for new commercial locations to place their wireless rooftop equipment or cell tower. The companies want their equipment at sites where large numbers of people access their wireless data. This makes shopping centers and other commercial complexes very appealing to communications and tower companies. However, the companies often run into pushback from landlords due to fears of having an unsightly cell tower next to their building. The tower advisors at Vertical Consultants are here to help you with all your telecommunication equipment needs, including tips on shopping center cell sites.

The first tip for a shopping center looking at a cell structure or rooftop cell site is to make sure you preserve the ability to relocate your tenant’s equipment. Commercial buildings routinely go through new development. Whether it is creating more parking spots, expanding a shipping dock or updating your building’s wireless system, an inability to move your tenant’s equipment can bring your big plans to a quick halt. It is best to address this need within your initial site lease agreement. If you already have a signed agreement and now need to move your tenant, all is not lost! However, you will likely need to enlist the assistance of a cell tower leasing expert in order to successfully negotiate relocation.

The second tip is to consider a disguised cell tower or smart cell technology. If you do not want a huge cellular tower on your property, you can get the tower companies to build a structure that also functions as a flagpole or looks like a palm or evergreen tree. Additionally, depending on your location, your building may be an ideal candidate for SmartCell technology or a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Both options provide the network access you need at your location, but at a fraction of the size. Do not let aesthetic concerns stand in the way of securing a valuable long-term revenue stream.

Our final tip is to retain the services of a cell tower negotiation expert at the onset of your discussions with the entity contacting you about entering into, or amending, a site lease agreement. At Vertical Consultants, negotiating great deals for our clients is what we do for a living, and we get great results. In 2014, on average, we were able to more than triple our client’s rent. This is due to our access to massive amounts of market data, as well as our extensive experience negotiating with all of the giants in the telecom industry.

In 2022, Vertical Consultants averaged an immediate 302% increase in rents being received by its clients, and since 2010, has been able to assist its clients in the recovery of over 300 years worth of combined underpaid, and, in some cases, unpaid rents and other expenses that were rightfully due to these property owners located throughout North America.

To learn more about our services, visit https://www.celltowerleaseexperts.com or contact Vertical Consultants at info(at)vertical-consultants(dot)com or 877.456.7552.