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As the digital age advances, providers are looking for ways to make technology faster and better. Wireless data technology has evolved especially quickly in the past several years.

First came 3G, which was followed shortly after by 4G LTE. Now, plans for an even more sophisticated network called the 5G are getting underway. The 5G network brings many advantages to smart cities, including increased bandwidth and a faster connection speed.

The planned 5G networks will also improve vital city operations such as disaster planning and management, utility operations, transportation services, and public safety. Is a 5G network coming to your city?

If so, below is a list of some of the improvements 5G can bring to your city, as well as a critical issue that no one is talking about when it comes to 5G cell service.

5G and The Problem No One Is Addressing

This all sounds pretty great, and you will hear many people touting all of the other great things that come with faster wireless connectivity. There are also many articles on the potential downsides of 5G as it relates to health & safety, personal privacy, and aesthetics.

However, there is a big issue that impacts all of us and no one is talking about it.


Simply put, cell tower lease agreements are woefully underpaid and it impacts you in more ways than you know. Oftentimes, cell tower leases, especially 5G tower leases, are made directly between a city and the tower company.

These leases bring in additional revenue for the city that is used to fund all sorts of projects for their community. You can easily imagine how an extra $1,000,000 would help a small town fund new programs for their public schools, their firefighters, their hospitals, or other public services.

Unfortunately, most of the cell tower leases are constructed in a way that heavily favors the tower company or telecom company. Your city could be unwittingly subsidizing AT&T or Verizon as they make billions in profits on these tower leases.

We have worked with municipalities across the country and have found the same problems happening everywhere. Don’t let your community be the next in a long line. You can do something about it.

If you or your city has been approached about placing a cell tower on your property or making changes to your existing lease, get the facts before you sign anything.

We offer many free resources on this site to help you understand the Pros & Cons of cell towers and how to find the real value that you should be receiving.

We also offer a free lease review. No cost. No obligation. Contact us today for more information. We are the cell tower lease experts on your side.

Why Cities Are Racing To Upgrade To 5G

Faster Connectivity

One of the ways that cities will experience 5G impact is through improved connectivity. The greater bandwidth that comes with 5G technology has numerous benefits, including allowing users to access the web, download files, and watch videos at faster speeds. Services like Skype and video conferencing will also benefit. Since consumers today want – and expect – information to be available at their fingertips, having faster connection speeds will benefit the cities that choose to upgrade to the faster networks.

Increased Bandwidth

Another advantage of 5G growth is increased bandwidth. Having a greater bandwidth is imperative for a successful 5G network operation. Greater bandwidth supports both a faster connection and more devices. This means that within a given network, more people can use their devices to connect to the internet, and they can do so without crowding out other devices around them.

More Efficient City Operations

A key area of 5G growth is that it improves city works and city services. Specifically, there are four areas besides connectivity where a faster 5G network is expected to help cities improve their operations. The areas of disaster planning, safety, transportation, and utilities will also benefit from upgrading to a more advanced network.

Disaster Management

While everyone enjoys a faster network, one area that really benefits from a faster connection rate is disaster management. When a disaster strikes or appears imminent, city officials must have a way to reach citizens rapidly. With a 5G network, they’ll be able to communicate critical information such as storm warnings and evacuation instructions to citizens much more quickly. In the end, this will help residents stay safe, and it will allow city officials to conduct large-scale preparation efforts like mass evacuations with ease.

Public Safety

Similarly, another area of 5G impact will be in public safety. When there is a threat that puts residents in danger, such as a school shooting, a bank robbery, or other violent crime, officials need a way to alert citizens as quickly as possible. A 5G network, which processes and disseminates that vital information, is a logical solution.


From improving street crossing signals, monitoring car and pedestrian traffic at intersections, and making services like cabs and buses more technology-friendly and accessible, cities will see a great improvement when their 5G networks are applied to transportation. A 5G network runs about 20 times faster than a 4G network, which means that services related to transportation are automatically much faster. The network’s ability to support technology upgrades like sophisticated street sensors, which are being put to use in Sacramento, can also reduce traffic congestion and even control emissions.


Along with transportation and other public services, 5G growth will improve public utilities, too. In addition to the transportation sector, other public works like police and fire departments will benefit from having a faster 5G network too. From making it easier for officers to enforce traffic laws to helping firefighters respond more quickly to calls, there are many advantages that a 5G network provides to utilities. Rumor also has it that the benefits of a 5G network may also reach the medical industry, which may bring significant improvements and advancements to fast and effective healthcare.

From making intersections safer to helping trains and buses run more efficiently, there are many benefits that await cities planning to install a 5G network. With the ability to support a large number of devices while simultaneously increasing connection speed, there is plenty of opportunity for cities planning to upgrade to a 5G network.

In addition to the practical benefits of improving safety and city planning, cities that have the latest 5G network will attract businesses and tech-savvy residents. In 2019, major carriers are racing to install 5G networks in key metro areas across the country.