As access to information grows, so does the public’s knowledge of potential dangers in their surroundings. One potential danger people worry about is the amount of radiation that is emitted from a cellular site and the radiations potentially harmful impacts on our bodies. While research has not shown that this radiation is harmful in amounts normally emitted by a cell tower, it is still best to take precautions now while you can still negotiate a RF Radiation compliance provision in your lease agreement.

One common growing example we see of this is issue is tied to a growing trend of placing cellular towers on public school lands. The appeal is obvious, our public schools always need more money and many of these schools have excess land at their disposal to rent. However, more and more parents are voicing concerns about the long term impact on children’s health when they spend long hours in close proximity to a cell tower. The leasing experts at Vertical Consultants can negotiate and draft a lease provisions tailored to suit your individual desires, and these desires can, and should, include a means of monitoring Radio Frequency Radiation. What is more, our experts can negotiate a provision that makes the cellular company pay for this monitoring!

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