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will 5g eliminate cell towers

Is 5G going to be the means by which current cell towers will be taken down and the need for need cell towers will be eliminated?

The quick answer is no, not anywhere close.

Every year over the last thirty years, more cell towers have been constructed and far more cell towers are being built than have been eliminated. Currently, there are more than five hundred thousand cell tower sites in the United States, and, with the rollout of 5G technology, there could be upwards of one million new cell towers and/ or rooftop cell sites added in the next seven years.

Increased Pace of Development

As mentioned above, the build-out of 5G has changed the game regarding cell tower development, and, thus, cell towers are being built at a faster pace today than ever before, not only across the United States but also Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Why is this happening on a global basis? It is because cell towers are actually infrastructure. Cell tower companies, wireless carriers and third party companies looking to buy your cell tower lease are always promoting “the end of the need for cell towers”. Why? Because the cell tower companies and wireless carriers can get a property owner to agree to lower rent or other terms that are in their favor by stating that they need less not more (simple supply and demand).

The companies looking to buy a property owner’s cell tower lease will promote that the cell tower industry is dying a slow death in order to get a property owner to sell their cell tower lease agreement, or, more particularly, the cell tower rent revenues that they wish to get their hands on now and going forward for decades into the future.

Understanding the Future Demands

Property owners approached by anyone that is stating that cell towers are going to be obsolete should understand that the technology on the cell towers continues to change, but the cell towers themselves are going to be in place for decades into the future.

The telecom technology needs a place to be housed on a cell tower, the infrastructure by which it is being used to facilitate the wireless technology, whether it be 5G technology or any wireless upgrades to come.

An example that can be used to better understand or find a comparable of what cell towers actually are is that of cars and roads. Automobiles have changed over the years based upon technology. The cars on the road today are a lot different than those that were being driven around years ago, but they use the same roads to get to the places you go every day. The roads are necessary no matter how the car changes.

Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Just like the roads one might drive on every day, cell tower technology continues to change, but no matter the change in equipment, wireless carriers still need the cell tower to place their wireless equipment upon.

The cell tower industry is not going to be eliminated any time soon.

If you have questions regarding cell towers, your cell tower lease, or anything else related to the industry, contact us today.

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