Cell Tower Consultants Golf CourseFrom time to time, telecommunications or tower companies target golf courses and golf resorts for cell tower sites. Golf courses generally have excess unused land, are zoned for commercial use, and often are part of a residential or resort development. Access to these developments, and their guests, coupled with the ever-growing need to send and receive data through wireless networks results in the course’s and carriers’ mutual desire for improved cell service in the area. Often, this improved cell service can only be established through a new cell tower, although with improvements in cellular technology, other options are becoming more practical.

While both resorts and telecommunications companies want to improve wireless service in the vicinity of these golf courses, many common issues arise. These issues range from the obvious questions of site value to unforeseen pushback from the local community. Here at Vertical Consultants, we are always available to assist you with all of your cell site lease needs, and golf resorts are no exception! We have assisted several resorts in navigating the pitfalls of entering into a cell site agreement. Questions and concerns about site value are always at the front of a landowner’s mind, and we are eager to assist you with your valuation needs. However, today we are going to give you three other aspects to consider:

  1. The first facet of the cell site agreement you must consider is your tenant’s access to their cell site. You should address how and when the tenant may access their cell site in order to ensure the optimal experience for your guests and residents. Golf courses must consider the safety of their guests, the conditions of their greens, and the effect the tenant’s presence may have on those people in the vicinity of the work.
  1. Along with access, resorts must consider their needs for future development when reaching agreement terms. Resorts need to maintain some flexibility in regard to the placement of the cell site and the easement. Cell tower leases, on average, span a time period well in excess of 25 years….remember, a lot can change over several decades! While the location of the access road or cell tower may not be an issue today, what happens when you decide to redesign your golf course? Relocating a cell site is a difficult task if steps for relocation are not implemented at the outset.
  1. The final thing to consider is the type of structure the cell equipment will be attached to. While traditional cell towers are always an option, they often receive local pushback. We understand that golfers frequent courses due in part to their beautiful landscaping, which is why Vertical Consultants can advise you on several alternatives to the standard cell site structure if needed. Today, companies have become very adept at hiding their equipment when needed, whether it be a tall structure that looks like a palm tree, or a series of small antennas, each hidden in a fake cactus plant. With advances in technology, the solutions and possibilities are expanding rapidly.

Whatever your cell site question is, Vertical Consultants is here to advise you. Navigating these provisions can be very tricky, which is why you need a cell tower leasing expert to specially tailor your agreement. We have assisted several resorts with the issues faced in negotiating cell site lease agreements and amendments, so call today for a free consultation!

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