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Vertical Consultants is pleased to announce that Hugh Odom, its founder and president, provided an article for Inside Self-Storage, the premier magazine for self-storage professionals, discussing precautions to take when signing a new cell tower lease. The article, entitled “Four Mistakes Self-Storage Owners Should Avoid When Signing a Cell-Tower Lease”, provides information that will serve to assist in the negotiation and drafting of cell tower leases at self-storage facilities and to help minimize the likelihood of future tenant disputes.

Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants states, “Vertical Consultants makes it a priority to provide all landlords with a wealth of information and representation that leads to their realization of true value within their cell tower leases. We hope this informative presentation will play a vital role in providing industry knowledge to property owners throughout North America.”

Vertical Consultants is blazing new trails within the telecom industry by providing cell tower landlords with astronomical results. Since 2010, Vertical Consultants has recovered nearly 300 years’ worth of unpaid cell tower rent and expenses, collectively, for their clients.

Vertical Consultants was founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom and is comprised of group of telecom experts with decades of combined telecom experience. Vertical Consultants prides itself as the only true landowner advocate, handling all aspects of a telecom lease from start to finish while garnering unmatched results for their clients. To learn more about disparities within the telecom industry, please visit or click here to read the article.