Every landowner is looking to increase the revenue it receives from its current cell tower or rooftop lease but most think that because the cell phone carrier or tower company has several years left on their present lease, sometimes upwards of fifteen (15) years, that that landowner has few options to do so.

Not so fast! Just like a cell phone carrier or tower company will contact a landowner to renegotiate an existing lease, a landowner may have the same ability to do so. How? Well it is all based upon the “True Value” of that lease and more particularly, the cell tower site to the cell phone carrier or tower company.

Vertical Consultants has been able to immediately increase the rents received by our clients, in some cases, by upwards of 100%. Check out the “Results for Our Clients” page under the “Why We Are Different” tab at the top this page to find out more and as always, please feel free to contact us directly for more information.