YouTube Icon for Video BlogThere are alot of so called telecom consultants or cell tower experts looking to provide property owners advice. But does a property owner know who to enlist an expert when it comes to issues related to their cell tower or rooftop lease?

First, make sure your consultant is not one those companies saying they will review your lease but are really looking to buy your lease. These companies are the perfect example of a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.                                

Second, make sure that a company representing themselves to be a consultant is really not a company looking to broker a deal. How can you tell if they are consultants? If they tell you not to proceed with a transaction because its not in your best interest.

Most of these companies are not looking to provide you guidance but just looking to get you to do a deal no matter what the terms are. What’s more is that some of these companies are getting paid by the same companies YOU are negotiating with. Vertical Consultants prides itself in being the only true independent property owner consultant and we only work for property owners like yourself.

Lastly, a good consulting firm is more than a “one trick pony” and can provide you all the services necessary to make the best decision regarding your lease.

We welcome you to compare the scope of our expertise with any other consulting firm. Remember, The telecom companies have experts looking out for them, shouldn’t YOUR telecom consultant do the same for you?