This week, a few questions have been raised regarding the status of the wireless networks in the areas hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Twenty five percent of cell towers across ten states were taken out; some still functioning with the help of generators, while others remain non-functioning.  Those towers running on generators are expected to lose power before commercial power is restored, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

The reaction of the FCC to this incident is indicative of how heavily we as wireless consumers rely on the stability of cell towers in our  respective areas.  Residents across the Northeast are being urged by the FCC chairman to limit non-essential phone calls and to communicate through social media and email.  Many people view cell towers as an afterthought, until something of this magnitude occurs.

Cell tower landlords and property owners: the recent events in the Northeast prove your cell tower site and your property are extremely valuable to not only you, but to all of us using a mobile connected device.  Know that you have options within your cell tower lease to immediately increase the cell tower rent you receive from your tenant.  Contact Vertical Consultants today to learn how you can increase the value of your cell tower lease right now.

The success of the wireless industry is hinged upon securing land for their equipment.  If not for you, the property owner, allowing cell tower and telecom equipment on your land, wireless consumers would be left without sustainable service. Always know you have the upper hand in negotiating and remember, the telecom companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?