Cell Tower Lease Experts

Some companies have made it known they will not enter into leases if the potential cell tower landlord demands a share in sub lease revenues.  Revenue sharing is extremely beneficial for those who are able to receive it.  If you have an existing lease with a company that initially would not agree to revenue sharing and now has added subtenants to the tower, now is your time to strike.  Adding subtenants to a tower would require YOUR tenant to enter into new agreements with the subtenants leasing the tower space.

These agreements can easily run past the expiration of your initial agreement with your tenant.  Due to this, your tenant has an obligation to keep the ground space on your land available so that the telecom subtenants have secured land and tower space for the next several years.  Having this knowledge gives you the ultimate negotiating power when asking for not only revenue sharing, but also when asking for an increase in your base cell tower rent.  Contact Vertical Consultants to determine just how valuable your land is to your tenant.