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celltowerconsultantsIt is no mystery that a cell tower lease expert is valuable and necessary to have on your side during a cell tower lease transaction. An expert in the field can not only get you more revenue, but can secure better overall lease terms as well.

It is important to choose the RIGHT consulting firm when doing your research. Here are some qualities to consider when making your decision:


A consulting firm should have a staff of experts who have both represented property owners AND been decision makers for telecom companies. Why? Because they will possess insider knowledge, which is a tremendous value compared to a consultant who has only worked on the outside of the cell tower industry.


Choose a consulting firm that has a staff who are experts in the telecom, real estate and legal fields. You are not hiring a consulting firm for them to tell you they can assist you with only a small portion of your lease, but ALL aspects of the agreement.


Find a consultant who has a proven track record of results that meet your needs. Ask the cell tower lease consultant to provide you with their track record of results. Also, ask for references from actual clients they have represented and achieved results for. Speak directly with these references.

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