Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

The “Metaverse” is becoming mainstream, even prompting Facebook to rebrand to “Meta.” The Metaverse is a virtual world created through the use of immersive technologies like augmented reality (“AR”) and virtual reality (“VR”). Metaverses have been with us for decades; The online multimedia platform, Second Life, once had a million users. Facebook’s Meta aims to take that from the millions to the billions. Here’s what the internet is saying about this.

The Metaverse is a huge part of Web 3.0, which refers to the next generation of how we interact with the internet. The CEO of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood, said the Metaverse could be worth trillions of dollars and will affect the world in ways we cannot even imagine right now. Mark Zuckerberg said the Metaverse will bring tremendous opportunities to individual creators and artists as well as individuals who want to work and own homes far from today’s urban centers; and people who live in places where opportunities for education or recreation are more limited.

Today’s internet is very two-dimensional, but with 5G and the unlocking of bandwidth-hungry AR in VR technologies, expect to see your internet experience become more three-dimensional. We’ve seen a few science-fiction movies being based on this. Movies such as Ready Player One and The Matrix involve humans living in a virtual world. This idea presents a whole new set of possibilities, and 5G can make it possible.

Facebook (“Meta”) is betting on the build-out of true 5G throughout not only the United States but worldwide as 5G is not only the foundation needed for the Metaverse but will be fuel for the development and, more importantly, the growth of the Metaverse which could be worth Trillions. For more info, kindly check out our website.