Cell Tower Lease ExpertsIt is not uncommon for property owners to think they are responsible for any taxes associated with a cell tower located on their land.  Because of this assumption many property owners end up paying taxes related to improvements made on their land with cell tower construction.  An increase in property taxes incurred due to the existence of a cell tower on your property is the responsibility of the tower company or telecom company that owns the tower on your land, not you.

Before you sign a contract make sure the language regarding additional taxes incurred from the cell tower on your land is clear and states the responsible party for these taxes is your cell tower tenant.  If you have an existing agreement, and haven’t been reimbursed for taxes you’ve paid related to your cell tower site, you may have options to renegotiate your lease and recoup the money from your telecom tenant.  Contact Vertical Consultants, your cell tower lease experts, to learn how you can avoid any complications with taxation and how to recover money owed to you.