Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Vertical Consultants believes there are three important aspects every property owner should consider when it comes to making a decision regarding a cell tower or rooftop lease:

  1. A cell tower or rooftop lease is actually a telecom transaction, not a real estate transaction. A telecom company will often assume a real estate role in an attempt to maximize rents when leasing their property to other telecom companies. Therefore, a property owner should also seek the maximum rental amount when leasing space to a telecom company for cell tower or rooftop equipment.
  1. Property owners should never assume they are being paid fairly or accurately. Thousands of property owners are currently underpaid for their leases and do not even realize it. Left uncorrected, these landowners will forgo the amount for what they should have been paid in the past as well as the amount of rent they should receive going forward.
  1. Lastly, the true value of a cell tower or rooftop lease is ultimately based on the use of the value of the individual site to the telecom company leasing the property. A landowner should not be fooled. In most cases, the telecom companies need the property owner more than the property owner needs them, but they certainly do not make this case obvious.

When property owners are empowered with knowledge and have a clear understanding of the true value of their site, they will be better equipped to determine the proper rent of any current or proposed lease.

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