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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

If you’ve checked the news lately, you’ve most likely run into the at least one report on the parents in Ripon, California. Understandably, the parents there have expressed concern about the cell tower that was located in a local school yard. As the fourth child from the school recently received a cancer diagnosis, parents believe that the cell tower itself is the cause.

This has caused public protests by students and parents. There is also a standoff between parents demanding tower removal and the district, citing an investigation that indicated the  frequencies are well below federal standards.

5G & The Increase of Cell Towers

With the impending increase of 5G cell towers covering cities, many people are closely watching the story in Ripon continue to unfold.  That’s because 5G technology cannot be supported solely by existing cell towers. 5G waves cannot travel at the same distance, nor can they move through objects. That means many more (smaller) cell sites will be going up throughout communities to support 5G.

In 2016, there were just under 1 million cell sites in the US. With 5G rollout, companies like AT&T expect no less than an additional 300,000 cell sites will be needed in the coming year. Obviously, this increase is alarming for those who believe these towers are unsafe.

American Cancer Society

Per the American Cancer Society there is not enough evidence to support the idea that cell towers cause cancer. That because the RF (radiofrequency) waves from cell towers are low (similar to those of a microwave and nowhere near as high as x-rays). The wavelength is also significantly shorter making it highly unlikely to affect individual cells in the body. Finally, the current level of these waves is very low (again, similar to radio stations or tv broadcast stations).

It’s for these reasons that scientists tend to generally agree that there is unlikely cell towers can cause cancer. However, the ACS also recognizes that additional studies on humans and cell phone towers should be done. At this time though, they maintain that the exposure from a tower is far less than the exposure from actual cell phone use.

Benefits of Having a Cell Tower on Your Property

The benefits of cell towers are still significant as many provide supplemental income to those who need it most: churches, schools and municipalities. Additional revenue is often what it takes to tackle long overdue projects, upgrades or  improvements.

As the increase in small cell tower sites, pros and cons need to be weighed. Risks to human and environmental health are not yet a true concern due to the lack of evidence. However, they do create a lot of fear.

For those who have been approached about putting a cell tower on your property, the first step is gathering more information. Get the facts about cell towers and cell tower lease agreements before making any final decisions.

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