If you are a cell tower landlord, be aware of companies like MD7 and Blackdot.  These companies will contact you with one motive – to reduce your cell tower rents.  MD7 and Blackdot will make you believe that if you do not agree to a significant reduction in rent, as much as 30 to 40 percent, you will lose your cell tower lease.  These companies will also try to convince you that agreeing to lower rents will secure your cell tower lease for a substantial amount of time.

What you are not told is cell tower landlords rarely lose their cell tower lease because it is uncommon for a cell tower to be removed from a site.  Often, companies invest too much money in a cell tower site to only turnaround and remove the cell tower from it, costing them tens of thousands of dollars.
When you are contacted by these companies know that they are only attempting to scare you into an agreement that is not in your best interest.  Before you sign any document have the experts at Vertical Consultants review it.  If not, you could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your lease.  With proven results for our clients, we can help you determine what will monetarily benefit you the most.