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An April 21st article and television interview put forth the possibilities of the elimination of the use of cell towers as being the backbone of the wireless networks that serve today’s population and their many wireless needs.

While the story does hold some realm of validity, it does vastly overstate the current technology available along with that technology’s ability to not only serve as a substitute for the current wireless demand, both phone and data needs, but to be able to keep up with the unfettered growth in this very demand that can be compared to a rocket ship that continues to see no limit in sight.

Right now both traditional telecom companies, like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, and cell tower companies that rent space to the aforementioned players in the industry, continue to spend billions of dollars in the development of new cell sites and the improvement of existing sites.

While the technology that is being heralded in the CNBC article and television interview may be a way to handle certain aspects of the ever growing needs of wireless customers, it is unlikely in the foreseeable future that on a macro level this type of technology will be able to fully replace cell towers, rooftop antenna sites and other ground-based infrastructures. We rely upon this infrastructure to serve the wireless networks, which make everything from a simple phone conversation to the most sophisticated mobile application not only feasible, but actual.

If you need more validation, then just follow the money. What do I mean? It is simple: the largest cell tower developers have recently, in the last twenty-four months, spent tens of billions of dollars acquiring the rights to approximately twenty thousand cell tower sites and have spent even more money securing long-term agreements to secure these cell sites well beyond the current ground leases that were presently in place.

Why? Again, it is simple. These companies know that technology will always be evolving and, as a result, certain solutions will be able to handle certain things associated with you being able to make a phone call or transfer data via your phone, but not in the near future will you be able to replace the good “ole” cell tower as being the best option to serve as the foundation of local, regional or nationwide wireless networks.

If you are a property owner with a cell tower on your land or cell antennas on your rooftop, it is important to know the true value of your individual cell site and how changes in technology affect you. Contact us today for a free review of your cell site and lease. The telecom companies have experts on their side, shouldn’t you?

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