Make Money With Cell Towers

Cell towers have become an essential part of modern-day communication infrastructure, and their proliferation has led to an increase in demand for cell tower lease space. A typical cell tower lease payment can vary depending on various factors as every cell tower site has its own individual value to the cell tower company and the wireless carriers that are mounting their telecom equipment on that cell tower. Some factors that determine this value include variables such as the location of the tower, the population density of the area, and the number of wireless carriers leasing space on the tower.

How Rents Are Structured

In general, the lease payments for cell towers are structured as a monthly rental payment paid to the real estate owner that grants the cell tower company or wireless carrier the rights to occupy and use their land or building. While, as mentioned above, every cell tower site has its own individual value, with typical monthly starting cell tower rent for a cell tower lease ranging from $500 to $3,000. However, in some cases, the rent can be much higher, depending on the cell tower’s location and other factors.

One of the most important factors that determines the lease payment for a cell tower is the tower’s location. For example, a tower located in a densely populated urban area is likely to command a higher lease payment than a tower located in a rural area with a lower population density. However, ultimately the value of the cell tower location is based more upon the value of that cell site to a wireless network that is being built in the immediate area, so, as a result, in some cases a rural location can exceed an urban location in value to the cell tower company and/or the wireless carrier. Additionally, towers located in areas with high demand for cell service or limited availability of land for cell tower construction can also command higher cell tower lease payments.

Multiple Carriers On The Same Tower

The number of wireless carriers leasing space or collocating on the cell tower is another significant factor that can affect the cell tower rent lease payment. Typically, carriers lease space on a tower to provide wireless service in the surrounding area, and more and more cell towers are needed these days due to the build-out of 5G wireless networks. If multiple carriers lease space on the same tower, the lease payment for each carrier may be lower, as the landowner can collect rent from multiple tenants. On the other hand, if only one carrier leases space on a tower, the lease payment may be higher, as the landowner has only one tenant to collect rent from.

Long-Term Contracts

Another factor in the cell tower rent is the length of the cell tower lease term. Typically, cell tower leases are long-term contracts that can commit the real estate owner and his property for upwards of 50 years if not longer. Typically, the longer the lease term, the higher the lease payment is likely to be due to the amount of time a real estate owner is granting a cell tower company being viewed as a commodity that the real estate owner is trading with the cell tower company. Real estate owners also need to negotiate annual rent increases or escalations as part of the lease agreement to account for inflation and other factors that may affect the value of the lease over time.

In conclusion, as cell service continues to expand, the demand for cell tower lease space is likely to continue growing, creating opportunities for landowners to earn additional passive income from leasing their property for cell tower use.

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