YouTube Icon for Video BlogA cell tower sublease is when a cell tower company allows another company to lease space on the tower for the placement of their equipment.

Many cell tower leases simply require the cell tower company to “notify” the landowner that they’re going to sublet the site.

However, you will find that most leases allow a cell tower company to sublease a property without getting written consent from the landowner.

Even when a property owner has the right to consent to a sublet of their property, a cell tower company will usually not provide a property owner the option to share in the sublease rents being received.

Vertical Consultants has never encountered a situation where a cell tower company approaches a property owner to give them additional sublease revenue, even though the cell tower company may be receiving upwards of $3,000.00 a month in rent from its subtenant.

Be cautious of any letter you receive from a cell tower company regarding the sublet of your property. If you’re not careful you may not only be giving up your right to additional rent today but in the future as well.

Remember, the cell tower companies have experts working for them shouldn’t you?