Vertical Consultants speaks with property owners across the country every day and most lack one of the most important pieces of information regarding the value of their cell tower lease. That piece of information being the names of all the parties using their property.

Property owners routinely ask the cell tower companies for this information but are often denied such data. Why?

Because this information is a key factor in the determination of how much the cell tower companies are really making at your site.

In 2011 cell tower companies generated almost two billion dollars of revenue just from the subleasing of space on properties like yours. In contrast the property owners, on average, received a mere 12% of the sublease revenue generated. The worst part is that this gap continues to increase every year due to the current structure of most cell tower leases.

Vertical Consultants works for property owners to not only get the names of all those parties using their land but to make sure that they benefit from such data.

In 2011 Vertical Consultants immediately increased cell tower rents for its clients by an average of 98% and can work on your behalf to do the same.

Remember, while other consulting firms will charge upwards of $500.00 an hour for merely advice, we at Vertical Consultants focus on getting results for our clients and if we don’t, we don’t charge them one dime.

Remember the telecom companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?