Cell Tower Rents
A cell tower company’s biggest advantage is having more information than a property owner has especially when it comes to how much rent you should receive for the use of your property.

Since 1990 the largest tower companies have grown to be worth over 100 billion dollars making over a 1 billion dollars a yearfrom the leasing of space on cell towers located on other people’s property.

How do they make their money, its simple they convince property owner’s that their property has little value but in reality it is worth millions of dollars to that cell tower company.

Think about it, all the tower companies are really doing is placing a steel pole in the ground.
So what really has more value the steel pole or the location of that steel pole, that easy it’s the location.

In reality most new or existing towers can only be located inlimited areas due to zoning and permitting restrictions making your property move valuable than you might think.

The tower companies don’t want you to have this information as the y want things to stay the same by continuing to pay property owners below market value for the use of their land.

Let Vertical Consultants help you get the information you need and the fair value for your lease that you deserve.

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