YouTube Icon for Video BlogHave you been contacted to extend your cell tower lease?  Well, you are not alone.
The number of cell tower leases that will expire is growing at a rapid pace. The reason is that most of these agreements were made in the 1990s.
As a result, many landowners are receiving inquiries from their current tenants with requests to buy out their lease or to extend the lease for only a slight increase in monthly rent.
The cell tower companies will not tell you that they do not have many options IF you do not allow them to remain on your property. The options they do have, are quite costly.
Vertical Consultants works with landowners to make sure they know all of the alternatives they have to optimize their lease going forward.
The decision a landowner makes today, regarding a telecom lease may mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of a lease.
The cell tower companies, are not on your side, nor will they look out for your best interest, their first concern is making money.
Remember, the telecom companies and tower developers have experts working for them? Shouldn’t you?