Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

In an effort to improve wireless coverage and services at a popular tourist destination, AT&T has installed a distributed antenna system throughout Walt Disney World theme park. This system will have a great impact on enhancing mobile services available to guests and employees at the theme park. According to the Director of telecom services at Wald Disney World, “Our goal at all Disney parks and resorts is to provide the best possible guest experience. One of those expectations is obviously wireless connectivity, and we worked very hard with AT&T to make sure those expectations were met.”

With this coverage boost, AT&T will see a giant increase in profits from the consumers’ use of the enhanced service availability. Anytime there is an installation, modification or upgrade to telecom equipment, the landlord, in this case, Walt Disney World, must attain proper counsel in order to level the playing field between the telecom giants and themselves. Otherwise, a property owner could be signing away certain rights, along with the possibility of leaving thousands of dollars on the table in potential shared revenues.