It has been reported that Verizon is considering the opportunity of moving into the Canadian market. This expansion will create the need for new infrastructure throughout Canada for Verizon antennas. Vertical Consultants has worked with property owners throughout Canada who have existing cell tower leases, as well as proposals for new cell tower placement. If such Verizon expansion into Canada occurs, many landowners will be contacted by tower companies to utilize their land for towers and telecom equipment placement.

Cell tower locations are the result of a cell phone carrier working with their internal engineering staff to satisfy specific needs that company has in certain locations throughout the country. The engineering aspect is classified as “Radio Frequency Engineering” or RF Engineering, for short. RF engineers must act in concert with its company’s site development and construction staff to optimize any cell tower site development and related construction projects it may have scheduled.

A cell tower company has a purpose in mind for each cell tower previously built and that will be built in the future. A vast majority of times a tower development project is for the purpose of either meeting the present needs of its cell phone customers or to help increase those same customers, as well as future customers, usage of their cell phone, internet and other wireless services.

With our diverse background in the telecom, real estate and financial industries, we can provide you with the knowledge necessary to negotiate any cell tower lease presented to you for the use and occupancy of your property. In addition we provide you with as many options as possible as it relates to your property in an effort to maximize the value of your site and cell tower lease. Founded in 2010 by Odom, Vertical Consultants and its team of experts, with decades of experience, remains a wealth of information for property owners and cell tower landlords. To learn more about the company and disparities within the telecom industry, please visit, call 877.456.7552, or email