A large tower company has been pushing a Bluewater Bay resident in hopes that they will extend an existing cell tower lease. Otherwise, the tower company will need to construct a new tower on a property nearby. Thus, they will need to be granted county board approval for such process. According to nwfdailynews.com, “The proposed tower would replace an existing one on Nelson Point Road. The family that owns the tower property on Nelson Point wants to end its lease with Crown Castle, but the company is trying to get an extension.”

We work with landowners to make sure that if they are open to extending their current cell tower lease that they “get the most but give up the least”. The decision a landowner makes today as it relates to an extension of its current lease may mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of is lease as few hundred dollars more a month means a lot when paid over 10, 20 or more years. This is an important transaction and should not be taken lightly as at the end of the day as noted above it could mean a lot if not correctly structured correctly.