Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

AT&T has installed multiple, strategically placed cell antennas throughout the campus of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This installation has taken place to support the increasing demand for advanced wireless services.  The Distributed Antenna System covers 11 facilities at the campus, spanning more than 4.9M square feet of space.

According to State Representative Gary Odom, “Wireless and broadband services are critical parts of how we connect with family, conduct business and provide healthcare services. This is a great example of how institutions like Vanderbilt University Medical Center are harnessing the latest advanced wireless infrastructure to meet the growing voice and data demands of healthcare professionals and patients.” Obviously, this is a benefit to telecom customers who pay the price for enhanced services, but did Vanderbilt University Medical Center receive fair value for the use of its property to house the cell antennas? Afterall, this enhancement of services is financially benefiting AT&T, shouldn’t Vanderbilt be valued accordingly?

Vertical Consultants has worked with all types of property owners, from companies to individuals, who are being paid below-market value for the use of their property. The primary reason for this is the lack of information and representation provided for these entities.  Ample information and representation from a true landowner advocate are key factors these industries need in order to optimize the use of their properties.  Vertical Consultants has made its mission to provide our clients the data they need.  While telecom companies have professionals on their side who know the true value of every tower site they control, property owners should have advocates working for them determining options to optimize their telecom assets.