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Fans at this year’s Super Bowl managed to set a record for wireless voice, as well as data, usage during the yearly event. AT&T reported that its customers made 55,000 calls, while Verizon reported that its consumers’ data usage increased by 800% during the game. According to CIO regarding AT&T and Verizon, “Both companies upgraded cellular abilities inside the stadium. Verizon upgraded a distributed antenna system (DAS) inside the stadium to quadruple LTE data capacity, while AT&T said it installed a new DAS at the stadium, tripling the wireless capacity of an original one.”

With this coverage boost, AT&T and Verizon will see a giant increase in profits. Anytime there is a modification or upgrade to telecom equipment, the landlord must attain proper counsel in order to level the playing field between the telecom giants and themselves. Otherwise, a property owner could be signing away certain rights, along with the possibility of leaving thousands of dollars on the table in potential shared revenues.