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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

With today being the opening day of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, American broadcaster NBC has made it simple to stream all of the games live. NBC has teamed up with AT&T to provide networking services to enable the convenience to millions of Americans who want to access the competitions live. According to the Director of Broadcast and Telecommunications Operations, NBC Olympics, Inc., “When people watch the Olympic Games, they increasingly do so from multiple screens – a smart phone, tablet, computer and the traditional television screen. AT&T supports the networking services we need to ensure our viewers will have the best experience possible, no matter their screen preference.”

The rise of reliance on smart phones and mobile devices in today’s world has created the dependency on cell towers, in order to transmit a variety of signals, other than just a voice. Now, people rely on wireless service to watch videos, conduct online business, check emails, surf the net…you name it. The surge in cell towers has become a norm in today’s society, and is considered much less of an eyesore than it was 15 years ago. This is a sign of the times and an indicator of the growing need for more cell towers so that the population can stay connected and “plugged in”.