Many smartphone consumers experience service interruptions on a daily basis, while walking from place to place. This is due to heavily burdened towers trying to handle all of the demands placed upon it due to the increase in smartphone usage. The connection cannot handle all of the data at once, therefore, speeds worsen as a result of the strain. According to the Business Insider, “To give you an idea of idea of how big the explosion in data growth has been, AT&T saw a 30,000% percent increase in wireless data usage between 2007 and 2013. Thankfully, the LTE, or ‘4G,’ radios that are being deployed now are actually designed for this kind of load.”

Telecom companies are scurrying to build and improve infrastructure to keep up with the growing consumer demands in today’s tech-savvy market. Cell phone carriers are always reviewing areas to make sure that they are meeting the needs of their customers. As these needs are determined and the cell phone carriers have the capital budgets needed to satisfy these cell tower build-outs, facilities will be constructed. Cell phones, wireless hand-held devices and other devices dependent upon a wireless signal are not going to disappear as they are more and more becoming not only the most important communication device a person has but also quickly becoming that same persons most important source of data transfer and internet research. If you have been presented with an opportunity by a cell phone carrier or tower company to lease either rooftop or ground space, we invite you to contact Vertical Consultants to discuss this opportunity and how you can optimize it.