Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Self-Storage facilities are usually a good choice for the placement of cell towers, due to their location and zoning laws.  As of March this year, Vertical Consultants has offered services to over 1,200 self-storage sites across North America.  Our consultants examine many factors when analyzing the value of these leases, such as the particular location, the size of the cell tower and proximity to accessible roadways.  These are all reviewed, and each play a role in determining the true value of the lease and any necessary increases in rents.  According to extraspace.com, “As Vertical Consultants work with their clients, they are able to get an increase of rents for their clients by 142% in just over one year. They have collectively recovered over 100 years’ worth of unpaid cell tower rent and expenses for their clients. They have also been a catalyst for positive change in the telecom industry.” (Link to article: http://www.extraspace.com/news/post/2013/03/13/Vertical-Consultants-Have-Helped-Over-1200-Self-Storage-Sites.aspx)