Vertical Consultants
Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

A property owner in San Marcos, California, may soon receive another cell tower in his backyard. He currently has a cell tower on his land with a major mobile carrier, and has been approached by another wireless carrier to add a second tower. Several nearby residents are not happy about this proposal, however, the property owner is happy to accommodate for the new tower. According to U-T San Diego, “Cell towers, often disguised to look like trees or architectural features, can create an income stream for property owners whose land is in a spot where wireless companies want to boost service.”

Obviously, the property owner’s land is a prime spot for a cell tower, with his existing cell tower in place, and now a second, and even talks of a third, cell tower to potentially go up on his land. Therefore, as his land is a great asset to the mobile carriers, it should be valued in his favor accordingly. Vertical Consultants can work to negotiate terms that establish rights that are beneficial to the landowner, while limiting the obligations that same party may have under that same agreement, or more to the point get the most and give up the least. A property owner’s first step will need to be to establish “True Value” of its site and go from there.