We all rely on our cell phones daily, for everything from staying in contact with family to the security of having access to authorities in case of emergency situations.  So, imagine waking up and having no coverage at all, which would end up lasting for almost 2 weeks and counting.  This is what has happened in several rural communities in Montana.  According to Montana’s publication Independent Record, “State agencies started getting calls June 24, the day after Verizon lost the use of the AT&T cell towers.  Verizon was aware that this would happen, Burton said, so the disruption in service is upsetting.”  The people of these communities must now wait until the end of August to have normal cell phone coverage restored, when the construction of a new tower will be completed.  This further illustrates modern society’s total dependency on cell phone towers.  Afterall, our cell phones are our “portals to the world.” (Link to article: http://helenair.com/news/local/verizon-customers-in-limbo-after-cell-tower-changes/article_e00a4888-e430-11e2-aff5-0019bb2963f4.html)