Cell tower lease landlords are commonly approached by their telecom tenants requesting to expand the current leased premises. There are many reasons why a tenant may need to acquire extra area. The main reason is in order to sublet space on the tower to other mobile carriers. Recent company mergers have also created a need to consolidate their equipment onto one tower. Another contributing factor is evolving technology and the need to update equipment to provide improved service to consumers.

All of these factors require a telecom company to increase the amount of space it currently leases. A cell tower company’s need can be a landlord’s opportunity. This provides the property owner with a way to not only get more rent, but to establish better overall lease terms going forward. The value of any requested additional area is not tied into the value of the space, but to the utility of the space to the wireless carrier or tower company requesting such. Determining this utility is something that we can assist you with and, ultimately, optimize the value of this opportunity. Contact Vertical Consultants today to get the most out your lease today and going forward.