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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

The Township Committee of Plumsted, New Jersey has approved a proposal issued by a tower company to construct a cell tower upon municipal land. As long as the plan is given final approval, the monopole cell tower will be built in a wooded area on a parcel owned by the municipality. According to Tri-Town News, “Wireless Edge Towers will pay Plumsted a total of $170,000 over five years ($50,000 in the first year and four subsequent payments of $30,000). Committeeman Eric Sorchik said a 35 percent co-location fee will be due to Plumsted in the event that carriers other than the primary carrier are added to the tower.”

The important question is if Plumsted has received a fair proposal for the use of municipality land based on the value of the cell tower to the tower company. The worst mistake any property owner can make is not realizing the true value of their land. It is vital to have the information and proper counsel when you are presented with such a new cell tower lease offer. While Plumsted is praising the money they are to receive, they actually have left, at a minimum, thousands of dollars on the table because they do not understand the telecom industry.

How do you make the best deal and make sure you have the best information? Vertical Consultants provides you with expert representation that will include not only negotiating on your behalf, but also assisting you in understanding and ultimately limiting what you are being asked to give up in return when it comes to a new cell tower lease and the use of your land.