Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

As part of AT&T’s continued network expansion efforts, two new cell towers are now active on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. AT&T has spent millions of dollars in upgrading and improving the South Carolina wireless networks between 2010 and 2012. Now, its customers can enjoy enhanced wireless coverage, with both voice and mobile-data improvements. According to State Senator Tom Davis, “AT&T’s continued investment in Hilton Head will only enhance the island’s strong reputation as a great place for business, travel, tourism and family time.”

With AT&T’s improved coverage and infrastructure enhancement comes greater revenue for the telecom giant. Therefore, it is important that the landowner secures proper representation prior to signing any long-term commitment. Vertical Consultants has worked with all types of property owners who are being paid below-market value for the use of their property. The primary reason for this is the lack of information and representation provided for these entities. Ample information and representation from a true landowner advocate are key factors these industries need in order to optimize the use of their properties.