Md7 is a specialized management company that creates asset optimization and expense reduction tactics for wireless operators. The company conducts business in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and are even expanding into Latin American and Asian markets. They are essentially “advocates” for telecom giants, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and many others.

Md7 has one goal in mind: to substantially reduce wireless carriers’ and tower companies’ operating expenses. They are rewarded with bonuses when cell tower landlords accept amendments to their leases, which reduce the rent they are receiving and allow for expanded wireless carriers’ rights, which could be harmful to the landlord.

According to the CEO of Md7 regarding their new hire of a noted telecom industry executive, “As wireless operators migrate to LTE and 4G, our customers [the wireless operators] rely on Md7 to help them reduce their operating costs, so it’s invaluable to have an industry veteran with a winning career contributing his experience and insight to our forward planning.” Adding a seasoned telecom executive to their company will only increase their power and influence in the industry of protecting the wireless operators.

If you have been approached by MD7, prior to signing any agreement, contact us and we will review your lease and your tower site to see what options you truly have and how to optimize them accordingly. These proposed changes to your lease, even ones that might increase your rent, are only for the benefit of Md7’s client, the telecom giants, and not to the landowner. The mobile carriers have their own expert representatives, shouldn’t you?