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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Just like the Maine lobsters clamping down on their prey, Maine residents are clamping down on the construction of a new cell tower in the town of Starks. Bay Communications II, LLC, a Boston-based provider of wireless communications infrastructure, has signed a lease with a Starks resident to rent a parcel of land for the construction of a cell tower. However, neighbors near the site are objecting to the project by trying to pass a moratorium to delay the construction.

It is common today to have anti-cell tower advocates make their presence known at local zoning hearings to oppose the placement of telecom equipment in their area. These advocates will sometimes claim that there are significant cell phone tower dangers, including certain health risks posed by construction of a tower in their neighborhood. As long as the proposed cell tower location meets FCC regulations and standards, such cell tower site will be presumed to be safe. Advocates sometimes also state that the construction of a cell tower at a certain location is going to depreciate the value of their properties and also sometimes further provide that the construction of cell tower at a particular location will have a negative aesthetic impact on their property.

We invite you to contact Vertical Consultants with any questions you may have regarding the placement of cell tower or rooftop equipment in your neighborhood and what the zoning restrictions and requirements might be part of the process as we have decades of experience with interpreting what requirements exist in your area.