Huntley Community Radio will soon be adding its own antenna to an existing cell tower in Huntley, Illinois. As it is an internet-only radio station, it requires an antenna to transmit FM airwaves. It recently received Village Board approval for antenna placement on the existing cell tower. According to The Courier-News, “The board agreed to allow the non-profit group to operate on the tower rent free for three years. After that, the board reserves the right to review the rent-free clause in the contract.”

Typically, any modification to a cell tower should result in fair compensation to the landlord. However, in this case, the landlord has allowed the non-profit group to utilize space rent-free initially. If a telecom or tower company adds more equipment or co-locators to your site during the term of your lease, you should be receiving additional rent. Vertical Consultants review can confirm that you are receiving every penny possible based on your lease. If not, we will work to make sure you receive not only that unclaimed revenue moving forward, but we will also collect any past due amounts.