Orange County residents, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are displeased about the impending cell tower to be constructed in their rural community. A large tower company has plans of building a 199-foot monopole on a farm in a rural area of Chapel Hill, in order to improve service to nearby areas. According to, “County planning supervisor Michael Harvey recommended approving the permit. Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce president Aaron Nelson testified that increased cell coverage in western Orange County would be good for businesses.”

The real question is whether the owners of the farm have received a fair proposal for the use of their farming land. Vertical Consultants can work to negotiate terms that establish rights that are beneficial to the landowner while limiting the obligations that same party may have under that same agreement, or more to the point get the most and give up the least. A property owner’s first step will need to be to establish “True Value” of its site and go from there.