AP Wireless Investments, LLC has been in negotiations with The City of Seven Hills in Ohio to buy out three of the city’s cell tower leases. This lump sum payment received by Seven Hills shall result in the elimination of future rent payments received by the municipality. According to the city’s Service Director, “A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. There’s a formula to it all that explains the time-value of money.”  But, is this actually the case, or a scare-tactic? Many landlords that I have spoken to have stated that they were engaged by representatives that use certain methods that to create a state of panic that will make them more likely to dispose of their lease. The worst mistake people make is not having the information and proper counsel when presented with such a deal. They could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. These third party buyout companies do not want property owners to have the same knowledge they do, nor do they want them to be properly represented.

Vertical Consultants will provide you with expert representation that will include not only negotiating on your behalf the maximum buyout for your cell tower lease, but we will also assist you in the negotiation of all documentation associated with such a transaction to make sure you not only get the most but give up at the least. The company buying your lease has experts on their side trying to make the best deal for them, shouldn’t you have the same?