Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

A church in Fairfield, Connecticut has voted to enter into a lease with AT&T to construct a 100-foot tower on the church’s property. This would give the church additional revenue while improving wireless coverage for many local customers. However, some residents have protested the decision, as it is in close proximity to schools. The pastor of the church stated, “This was a difficult decision and one which the council took with the greatest of care. I pray that we all will continue to show concern for one another and respectfully accept the decision that was made.”

At this stage in the game, the question is whether the church has received an optimal lease for the use of their land to house the telecom equipment. Vertical Consultants can work to negotiate terms that establish rights that are beneficial to the landowner, while limiting the obligations that same party may have under that same agreement, or more to the point get the most and give up the least. A property owner’s first step will need to be to establish “True Value” of its site and go from there.