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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Ascension Lutheran Church in Ocala, Florida, has received enhanced cell phone coverage, as well as the ability to expand its ministry, thanks to a new cell tower. Due to the additional income that the cell tower on its property has provided, the church has reaped the financial benefits within its congregation. According to Pastor Jim Young, “I had checked with other churches that had cell towers on their property. All of them said it was just a blessing and that they could expand their ministry because of it. We have already designated 50 percent will stay in our church to expand our ministries and 50 percent will go to other ministries.”

It is a blessing for a non-profit organization to receive an added source of income, but what is the true value of the lease and use of the church’s property to the telecom giant? Vertical Consultants can assist your church in exploring all options available to maximize the full value of your property.  We have worked with non-profit organizations throughout North America. We will be glad to share in more detail what services we can provide and always offer a free initial review.