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It is no secret that cell tower companies are making huge profits. Do you know how these profits are coming to fruition? By way of property owners like you and me, leasing land to these giants for significantly below true value. Since the use of property owners land nets these cell tower companies substantial earnings, the property owners deserve a fair market rate for providing the source of such abundant wealth. Cell tower companies have produced gains of up to 1,400%! This is proof that these towers are extremely financially beneficial to the livelihood of the tower and telecom companies alike.

According to, “Because the upfront costs of placing equipment on a tower are so high, it doesn’t make financial sense to switch to a neighboring tower if the cost to lease was lower. For this reason, the cash flow from the cell tower companies is consistent and reliable.” This article suggests investing in cell tower companies’ stocks, further proof of the reliance on property owners to garner such a massive return to the cell tower companies’ pockets.

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