Canada has three major telecom companies throughout its country who basically “run the show” for wireless consumers. Canadians pay some of the highest prices, for mediocre cell phone service, in the industrialized world. Thousands of consumers are supporting the introduction of new carriers into the Canadian wireless market to level the playing field for these telecom giants and create fair pricing. According to, “The truth is that Big Telecom is terrified by the prospect that its years of regulatory coddling by the government are coming to a close, and that a new set of independent Canadian providers might become viable alternatives to the high-cost Big Three.”

Should this emergence of new providers occur, new infrastructure would need to be constructed in order to support new providers’ telecom equipment. Cell phone carriers must meet needs as it relates to the ground space requirements for the selection, development and construction of new towers.  The primary focus of wireless providers and tower companies is the leasing of ground space in both urban and rural areas. As the location needs are determined and the cell phone carriers have the capital budgets needed to satisfy these cell tower build-out requirements, the facilities will be built. If you have been presented with an opportunity by a cell phone carrier or tower company to lease either rooftop or ground space, we invite you to contact Vertical Consultants to discuss this opportunity and how you can optimize it.