The Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District is in discussions with a tower company regarding a new cell tower to be constructed upon their land. At this point in negotiations, they are trying to agree upon the location and appearance of the tower itself. According to the VP of the district, “The company says the height of the tower will be in the 60 and 80 feet range and that is close to the height of the local trees so it may not look as obtrusive. They are considering towers camouflaged as trees, but they may also be able to go with a monopole type structure. It would be 30 inches across and taper at the top with two antennas atop.”

Officials from the district are estimating $3,000-$15,000 in annual revenue as a result of the cell tower being situated on their land. Is this a fair value? These numbers may appear “fair” to the district, but are they really? What is the true value to the tower company for the use of municipal property? It is important to seek proper representation prior to reaching any deal with a tower or telecom giant. Vertical Consultants has assisted landowners, including municipalities, in exploring all options available to maximize the full value of each property. We will be glad to share in more detail what services we can provide, and we always offer a free initial review.